Originally the Albert Company, the company was established in 1958 and became known as an importer of office supplies.

In 1980 the Albert Company decided to create the ALBA brand in order to develop its own products. The goal was to meet the expectations of consumers and offer them quality, innovative products that align with the needs of the time.

In 2004 the first coat stand was desinged and produced. This was the Festival Range.

By 2008 ALBA had established itself in the American market.

Alba continues to design and manufacture high quality stylish products from it's manufacturing base in France.

Design - ALBA


Creation is at the heart of our DNA at Alba. Our products are created by our in-house designers, based on the evolving needs of our customers.
Our products come in a range of color options to add style to the company's work space.



Alba is continually focused on innovation.

You can see Alba's commitment to innovation through our :
- Design of functional and ergonomic products
- Development of features that make life easier for the consumers including fast, toolless assembly process for furniture and - Optimized, eco friendly packaging for all products.



With 60 years of experience, real industry know-how and a mastery of market trends in France and    abroad, we work every day to bring you the highest quality products.

accessible.jpg Accessible

Alba is an human-sized family business with committed team members that will listen to your needs.
We maintain exceptional reactivity in order to answer your questions and propose solutions to you as quickly as possible.

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